Our process and approach:

Typical SEO Initiatives:

  • On-site work may include:
    • Domain name research — usually for newer sites and/or sites esepcially for SEO
    • Keyword research to determine the best target keywords and keyphrases
    • URL optimizations (using search engine friendly URLs)
    • HTML optimizations (e.g., proper tagging, alt and title tags, canonical tags)
    • Proper meta-tagging (descriptions, keywords, Open Graph, geo-tags, other relevant meta tags)
    • Removing older technology (Flash, etc.)
    • Optimizing robot instructions, implementing sitemaps / feeds, TOS, privacy policies
    • Other markup optimizations (e.g., structured data / schema.org integration)
    • Install Google Analytics
    • Strategic out-bound links to relevant content
    • Optimizing article length and keyword presence
    • Content creation (FAQs, SAQs, etc.)
  • Off-site work may include:
    • Establishing inbound links from directories and other sites
    • Establishing an an off-site blog or social media channel to drive traffic to the web site
    • Optimizing profiles on Google (Google MyBusiness) and other similar major profiles
    • Optimizing video descriptions, keywords, and link-backs from sites like Youtube
    • Social media marketing, social media enggement, and internet marketing (see below)

Typical Internet Marketing Initiatives:

Brand managementestablishing and maintaining your brand online
Social media planningdetermining the best approach for your business with respect to social media, mobile platforms, and related marketing technology.
Establishing a social media presencegetting your business on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google Maps, etc.
Expanding and utilizing social mediagrowing your base on those sites / engaging more with your base, engaging / commenting on other sites
Video marketinggetting on board with video marketing
Directory listingestablishing profiles for your business on web directories worth getting on
Mobile marketingensuring that you can be found on mobile devices
Customer retention strategiesimplementing effective ways to automate the process of keeping customers engaged and returning to your business
Data gatheringgetting names, emails, and phone numbers for people from web sites and social pages
Blogging and content creationgenerating content for your web site, blog, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, etc.
Marketing strategyreassessing language on your site for proper CTAs, etc.
Reputation managementbetter managing how your site solicits and engages with Yelp and other online review sites
Online promotionspaid online advertising on Facebook, Google, and other platforms, as well as various marketing campaings and promotions