Starting in 2021, I began writing articles online about potential uses for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). It's remained an ongoing fascination for me, as it represents a perfect mix of tech, art, and marketing. Here are a few of those articles, and then I'll discuss NFT-related services, below:

Of course, those ideas were just that -- ideas! I wanted to become even more involved, though, so I came up with a project, which happened to be the programmatic generation of 10,000 cat pictures (seemed fitting for the Internet). You can read that story here:

NFT-Related Services

As you can see, I've been focusing on NFTs from many angles for some time now. Therefore, I feel comfortable offering professional NFT services to others, including:

  • Generative Programming for NFTs -- NFT Creation Coding: Many NFT initiatives come in the form of sets of NFTs -- quite often 10,000 unique ones (which is why I chose 10,000 as my goal for the NFTuxedoCats project). There are numerous tech and marketing challenges to this, though, most of which I've gained experience with so far. In response numerous to initial inquiries on this topic, I put together some articles on Medium. Please take a moment to review these articles and let me know any questions you have. Thanks!
  • NFT Fundraising: As my article above points out, I believe there are excellent opportunities for fundraising for nonprofits via NFTs. Read that article for a sample approach, and reach out if developing an entire creation and marketing program might make sense for your organization.
  • NFTs for For-Profit Companies: Same as above (largely), but with many different nuances. NFTs can be leveraged for advertising, branding, or general marketing purposes.
  • NFT Marketing and Administration: For anyone hiring Array Web Development for NFT creation or management, we will also be able to discuss administration (e.g., uploading, "minting" etc.) and marketing for your project.

In all cases, NFTs are still fairly novel (even if the market may seem saturated to those involved). So, any company getting into NFTs will be noticed at this point. If you're interested in aky kind of NFT development and need help, please don't hesitate to reach out.