At Array Web Development LLC, we take in personal information for various purposes. As of this writing, the ways we take in information, and what we do with it includes:

  • Newsletter sign-up: We use a third-party solution to accept newsletter sign-ups. This list is never shared with others, conforms to all applicable privacy standards, and allows for opt-out / unsubscribes at any time.
  • Facebook: Via the Facebook platform, we may receive your contact information, if you elect to send it to us. Again, this is never shared with outsiders for any reason.
  • Client information: Once you are a client of Array Web Development, LLC, we obviously have quite a lot of information stored, but not on our web site. All of that client information would fall under our service agreement, which is a signed document we have with each client.

And that's about it! If you have any questions about our policies, please contact us anytime!

From Jim's Web Designer / Web Developer Magazine blog:

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