Array Web Development LLC is a web development and marketing consulting company serving clients nationwide. We specialize in professional web site development for businesses. Here's what we're all about:

  • NFTs and Generational Programming — Beginning in 2021, Array Web Development expanded heavily into handling generative NFT programming — so much so that we have a whole other web site directly focused on that area. If you would like information on this, head over to, where you'll find all sorts of information realted to this exciting area. We can handle all of your generative NFT needs — from conception to art programming to minting and other front-end needs.
  • Web Design and Web Development — This is our primary focus. Whether it's a new corporate web site, an intranet or extranet system, or some other way that web technology can be leveraged to achieve wide-ranging business goals, let us know what your vision and goals are so we can step in and bring it to life for you.
  • SEO and Internet Marketing — SEO fits in well with our mindset here at Array because it's simultaneously technical and creative. We've had clients that are much smaller than their competition, yet they've out-shined the competition in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) after our optimizations and SEO planning. Whether it's maintaining dominance or competing with the larger players, we're here to help you stand out above the others.
  • Custom PHP and MySQL Development — Many web design companies lack this critical capability. A Content Management System (CMS) like Joomla! or Wordpress can only do so much by itself, even with the help of plugins and add-ons. For business clients, higher-end capabilities are routinely needed; custom programs, API tie-ins with outside systems (CRM systems, helpdesk systems, Google, authentication systems), custom database applications, user interactivity, etc. So often, this type of functionality is critical to a web-based project. We are skilled at making your site work the way you want and need.
  • Consultative Services — With 20+ years in the business world, we've gained valuable experience in many business specialties. For these areas (e.g., proposal writing, goverment contracting, communications, traditional marketing collateral, publishing projects, business development and marketing plans, project management, etc.), we're happy to offer our expertise and guidance to clients in need.

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