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Marketing Portland Plans:

We have four basic packages.

Take a look! :-)

Hummingbird Plan Good looking, small, fast.
Crow Plan Sleek, resourceful, a strong presence around town.
Falcon Plan A good prospect hunter, revered by its peers.
Peacock Plan Detailed, memorable, always noticed.

Our Process:

Your site will have a U.S.-based (Portland, Oregon) web developer, working under a web development contract. Free initial consultation included.

Development Timeline:

Approximate turnaround time from signed contract to launch, assuming all materials are received from client.

Size of Site (Avg. # of Pages):

We can handle any size site. But, as a general guide, our plans usually include the following maximum number of pages -- e.g., home page, about us page, contact us, services pages, team member pages, etc.

Interaction During Development:

Meetings, progress reports, calls, emails that typically take place during such a project.

Web Software / CMS:

We will install and configure the Joomla! Content Management System (CMS), a professionally designed template, WYSIWYG editor, and backup software.

Standard Features:

Beautiful template customized with your business logo, Search Engine Friendly (SEF) URLs, basic security and protected access features.

Home Page Slideshow Option:

Many sites today feature a slideshow to help direct visitors to highlighted content areas. Most templates will show examples. We set these up for higher-end sites, if requested.

Graphic Design Work:

Various graphic / Photoshop customizations for the site. Marketing Portland provides complete creative (design) and analytic (programming) services for clients.

Template Customizations:

The extent to which we can deviate from the predesigned templates. (View available templates now, in a new tab.)

Social Media Integrations:

Do you do a lot of Facebooking, Tweeting, and LinkedIn posts? The extent to which your site can tie in with social media platforms is shown here.

Site Search Engine Option:

Need a search engine on your site? Sure, we can do that.

Privacy, TOS, Sitemaps:

Google prefers sites with Privacy Policies, Terms of Service pages, and Sitemaps. We usually put these down in the footer of better sites.

Site Security Features:

All of our sites should keep hackers at bay. But, we do offer some enhancements, particularly for larger sites.

Web Site Hosting:

First year included (then billed annually), server setup / config, server maintenance, and more. Cloud backup plan available if needed, CDN available if needed. (More info.)

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Hummingbird Plan Good looking, small, fast.
Crow Plan Sleek, resourceful, a strong presence around town.
Falcon Plan A good prospect hunter, revered by its peers.
Peacock Plan Detailed, memorable, always noticed.

Ahh, a mobile device user, eh?

(...or, maybe your screen is just REALLY narrow.) Well, we here at Marketing Portland have set up this particular page as a giant chart, as we have a ton of information to share, and wanted to try to simplify it as much as possible. It's not really phone-friendly, though. So, instead, we'll just try to summarize what's normally on this page. But, when you get a chance, revisit this page on a tablet or desktop computer, as the info should be clearer. Ok?!

Anyway, we have four basic web development plans. We call them the Hummingbird, the Crow, the Falcon, and the Peacock. Here's why:

  • The Hummingbird is "Good looking, small, fast.";
  • The Crow is "Sleek, resourceful, a strong presence around town";
  • The Falcon is "A good prospect hunter, revered by its peers";
  • And the Peacock is "Detailed, memorable, always noticed."

Catchy / clever, we hope. But, more importantly, we have put a lot of thought into categorizing web development work. Most sites that we do start off as one of these basic starting points. From there, we build out any customizations (which we have enumerated, below). But, as for these four main types, the differences are mainly in areas such as:

  • Development timeline. Hummingbirds are quick and easy... Peacocks take longer to build.
  • Size: From smaller to larger sites.
  • The amount of developer-client interaction: Smaller sites require, generally, fewer meetings and calls to get done.
  • Bells and whistles: Smaller sites have fewer of these.
  • Customizations: Smaller sites stick to the design templates a lot more... fewer stylistic variations.

On the other hand, from the smallest to the largest sites we do, all share some similar benefits. Those are:

  • Hosting: We provide annual hosting, which allows us to do great things for you on a server level (backups, server maintenance, security, etc.)
  • Security: All of our sites are secure, and we can do quite a lot to really lock them down for high-traffic sites.
  • SEO: All of our sites are SEO-friendly. And, we can offer some amazing expansions if you really need to take this aspect of marketing seriously.
  • Full-featured CMS: For most businesses, this is a must -- and we're aligned with the #1 open source CMS for business web sites -- Joomla!

Well, that's the skinny version, anyway. As we said, take a look at this page again on a desktop computer for more specifics. Also, take a look at the list below for some common add-ons that clients request. What we normally do is decide which kind of basic site you need out of the ones listed above, and then add-on any additional functionality such as the items listed below, and we're then able to offer you an accurate quote fairly quickly.

Commonly Requested Upgrades:

Of course, we don't expect every single web site ot fit perfectly into one of our plans. Sometimes, you just need to tweak things a little bit. Here is a list of common ways we can upgrade the packages above (additional charges apply):

  • Additional pages beyond limits shown
  • Can work with outside designers, artists, etc.
  • Copywriting for site content / SEO / PR etc.
  • Convert an old static HTML or PHP site to CMS platform
  • Design work / logos / branding / graphic design
  • Research: Domain names / keyword studies / etc.
  • User or staff training -- basic / advanced Joomla! administration, CSS workshops, etc.
  • RokCandy macros

If you need any of those, let us know when we're discussing your project scope.

Common Additional Functionality

In addition to simply changing the specs of the above plans, we're often asked to add specific, significant additional functionality to a web site. In general, these constitute separate add-on projects for which we would offer custom pricing, depending on the scope of the project. Some common requests would include:

  • Appointment setting / booking / etc. via the site
  • Blogs -- migrate old blog content to new system
  • Business development program planning
  • Calculators that process user-submitted data
  • CRM systems (standalone or integrations with existing)
  • Custom web-based scripts and applications
  • Customized user access levels
  • Data capture and reporting
  • Data import from existing CMS or database (custom-scripted)
  • DNS configuration
  • eCommerce Solutions -- custom-coded, Virtuemart, Mijoshop, J2Store, Ecwid, and many others
  • eMail account setup and configuration
  • eMail newsletters and related email marketing (Constant Contact, MailChimp, aWeber, etc.)
  • Event registration solutions
  • Flickr API integration
  • Forums / online communities
  • Google / Youtube API integration
  • Imagery (find/purchase stock photography)
  • Intranet development
  • Language configurations for multi-language sites
  • Marketing planning
  • Media players (video, MP3, etc.)
  • Online calendars
  • Photo galleries and/or integration with Flickr, Instagram, etc.
  • Polls
  • Portfolios
  • Premium content for registered users
  • Registration / User customizations
  • Rushed development / expedited delivery
  • SEO programs
  • Slideshows
  • Social Media account setup and customization
  • SSL-related work / PCI compliance
  • Video development
  • Virtuemart coding

If you need any of those, let us know when we're discussing your project scope.

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