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Our service capabilities are wide-ranging within the marketing and business development umbrella. On the traditional side, we've got a strong background in the design and production of deliverables commonly produced by both (1) in-house communications and publishing departments and (2) external creative agencies. On the interactive side, we specialize on developing custom business web sites that leverage Joomla, the leading and most sophisticated Content Management System for businesses. Our full capabilities are outlined below.


Online marketing initiatives

Online marketing initiatives. Our experience in this area is so extensive, it needs its own page -- so please skedaddle to our Internet Marketing page.


Web site development (HTML, CSS, MySQL, PHP, database integration)

Web site development (HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Joomla!). We have developed almost every type of web site imaginable -- from basic "online brochure" type sites to custom business sites with database-driven applications. We're excellent with advanced HTML, CSS, PHP, and MySQL work -- and normally develop on the Joomla! platform (offering the leading Content Management System for business web sites). We're also well versed with Windows-platform technologies / languages like ASP and VBscript. We've done full-scale, custom ecommerce sites, community sites, directories, nonprofit sites, retail sites -- anything you can imagine!



Intranets. A company Intranet has many benefits: House your policies and procedures manual in an easily accessible format; post staff directories; link to your health care and 401(k) plans; post business and marketing plans for all employees to read; share private information with investors. We've developed many over the years -- from basic sites, to the awful Lotus-Notes monstrosities of a decade ago, to the more elegant SharePoints of a few years ago. Honestly, we like private web sites best, in almost all circumstances. The Joomla! CMS is a perfect solution for an Intranet system -- the resource we turn to routinely for this need today.


Brochures, newsletters, and other marketing collateral

Brochures, newsletters, and other marketing collateral. From the initial concept through completion, we can handle all of your needs for producing marketing collateral. As for this and all of the services mentioned herein, we begin with a meeting to discuss your goals and objectives, moving forward quickly yet strategically.


Direct mail projects

Direct mail projects (letters, post cards, special pieces). Obtaining or building your mail list, writing and designing the best mail piece, seeing the project through to completion. We even have contacts at numerous printers, each of whom specializes in handling specific types of direct mail projects.


Design and layout services

Design and layout services. Our experience spans corporate logo / identity design, branding, newsletter and brochure design, books and journals, annual reports, Powerpoint presentations, and of course online projects. We also discuss costs and options involved in developing, printing, and (if applicable) mailing each piece.


Advertising services

Advertising services. Conceptualization, copywriting, design, media placement. We're very experienced in the print and online world, and have a network of contacts for other media (outdoor, radio, television, etc.). Advertising can be costly, though. So, we suggest a consultation to start in order to review your goals and objectives.


General business writing and editing

General business writing and editing. Maybe you need someone to write business letters or proposals, write content for your web site (e.g., for SEO purposes), or write up a brochure about your business or organization. Or maybe you need to issue an important press release. If so, give us a call. Let us help you articulate your thoughts in an elegant, professional manner.\


General marketing project management

General marketing project management. We can assist your company on a project-by-project basis. Whether you want to promote a seminar or event or need someone to look after the entire marketing function of your organization, we'll work to ensure that your project gets done on-time and on-budget.


Proposal Writing and Grant Writing

Proposal Writing and Grant Writing. Jim has personally written more than 700 business proposals (yes, you read that right!) ranging from a few thousand dollars in scope to more than $4 million. Whether you're attempting to do business with the government or within the private sector, let us guide you through the process.


Meetings and Events

Event Planning. Our experience in this area spans planning small business seminars at hotels all the way to annual conferences with more than 4,000 attendees. Our services can include all related PR and advertising work, negotiations, partnerships, media relations, collateral development and mailing.


Business plan development

Business plan development. By using Marketing Portland, you get access to the resources necessary to put a thorough business plan together. This can range from a high-concept document to a fully-detailed plan with a budget.


Marketing and Business Development Plans

Marketing and Business Development Plans. Planning an entire marketing function can be a tough chore. We can put together a comprehensive marketing plan (and budget) for your organization covering general as well as specialized industry marketing goals. We don't stop there, though. We'll also help you implement the plan and stick with it. On the BD side... Many companies lack a decent business develoment plan. We've studied these, and developed a number of plans, over the past 15 years. Our experience focuses on the professional services niche.


Research Studies

Research studies. Whether its marketing research, profiling potential clients, developing targeted mail lists, or even developing a competitive intelligence program, we can help. Related areas include client satisfaction surveys (conducted either via a mail campaign, in-person, or via a web site), statistical research, and focus groups.


Staffing Services

Staffing services. Need an employee to fill a high-level niche position? We can conduct the search for you. For many years, Jim served as the principal for a recruiting company called CSD Career. If asked to do this, we would only work under a retained search scenario.


Project management

General project management. For whatever we've left off, above. If it's a marketing or related project, chances are we have some experience with it. If we don't, we'll find the best resource for you and stick around to ensure that the project gets done right.


Professional web development, Joomla! development, traditional marketing, and business development services.
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