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Array Web Development LLC (formerly known as Marketing Portland) is a marketing and web development consulting company based in Southeast Portland, serving clients nationwide. Here's what we're all about:

  • Web Development -- especially on the Joomla! platform. (But, we'll certainly consider Wordpress and/or custom HTML / PHP projects. Within the Joomla platform, I really like working with RocketTheme templates, and especially those based on the Gantry Framework.) "Web development" is really meant to imply more than simply web sites. The term also encompasses intranet systems, extranet systems, and other ways that web technology can be leveraged to achieve wide-ranging business goals. Array Web Development offers significant capabilities on the CSS side, which is fairly critical for customizing web templates to a client's liking (and is certainly critical in custom-designed templates).
  • SEO and Internet Marketing. I've given (literally) hours-long presentations on this and, while I certainly always enjoy the technical side of SEO work, and the initial set-up consultations, it always comes down to the same few things: After the set-up is in place, a client really needs to work the system consistently in order to achieve the best SEO. I've yet to see a site I couldn't improve, though. But, in the end, I can almost tell you now that, unless you're prepared for a consistent effort delivered over time, you're probably not going to achieve a #1 slot for a competitive term. For this reason, I prefer providing SEO services as (1) the initial planner / engineer of a given campaign, and then (2) the manager / director of such a campaign. Once a system is in place, I would prefer to outsource the "grunt work" (so to speak).
  • Custom PHP and MySQL Development. While this generally fits under web development, it's worth noting separately, as many developers today lack this important aspect of the web developer's tooklit. Right out of the box, a Content Management System can only do so much. For many clients, higher-end capabilities are needed. Custom programs, tie-ins with other systems (such as CRM systems and helpdesk systems), custom database development projects, user interactivity, etc. So often, some of this type of functionality is critical to a web-based project.
  • Other Consultative Services. I'm mostly focused on web development these days, and it's definitely work I enjoy. However, over 20+ years in the business world, Ive done quite a lot of work that is now marketable in the field of consulting. For these thing (e.g., proposal writing, gonverment contracting, communications, traditional marketing collateral, publishing projects, business development and marketing plans, project management, etc.), I'll consider them on a case-by-case basis. Most such services are included here in the services section for reference.

Professional web development, Joomla! development, traditional marketing, and business development services.
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